St. Mary's Church


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St. Mary’s is the oldest church in Guildford. People have worshipped here for more than 1000 years. The tower was at the west end of the first stone church on the site, built perhaps as early as 950.  The church was at the top of a steep slope.



In about 1050 a big new nave was built west of the tower, further down the slope, and transepts were built either side of the tower.

Chapels and aisles were added over the years until the church was completed in about 1250. There have been changes over the years: at the Reformation, and around 1710 when a west gallery and box pews were built.  In 1863 all this was swept away and replaced with Victorian fittings.

St. Mary’s has a very special atmosphere, reflecting hundreds of years of prayer and worship.  




Pilgrims' Progress

Guildford Methodist Church and St Mary's held their inaugural service on Sunday 1st September 2013 - David Carlé and Rosamund Trembath give their thoughts on this joyous occasion.

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New guidebook to St. Mary's

A new guidebook to St. Mary’s was published in May 2009.  It is the first guide to the church to assess the style of the building and work out what this tells us about the church and the town. Copies may be purchased direct from St Mary's Church at a cost of £5 or alternatively they can be ordered from the Parish Office and posted within the UK at a cost of £6.50. Please contact the Parish Office for details -

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Building repairs at St Mary's

The Victorians carried out a major restoration of St Mary’s Church in 1863, but unfortunately used an inappropriate mortar to rebuild the west wall

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Lewis Carroll and St Mary's

Lewis Carroll’s real name was Charles Dodgson.  When his father died in 1868 Charles became head of the family, and moved them from Yorkshire to The Chestnuts, Castle Hill, Guildford. 
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